Our Cleaning Services

    1. One Off Cleaning
    1. Office Cleaning
    1. Domestic Cleaning (Personalized service)
    1. Hotel/ Short stay Cleaning
    1. End of Tenancy Cleaning
    1. Spring Cleaning
    1. Carpet Cleaning
    1. After Builders Cleaning
    1. After Party Cleaning
    1. Oven Cleaning
    1. Windows Cleaning
    1. Ironing Service
    1. Patio Cleaning
    1. Upholstery Cleaning
    1. Car cleaning

End of Tenancy Cleaning

What’s included?

A team (2-4 people), depending on the size of the property will clean the property approximately 4-5 hours. This serviced is guaranteed – cleaners will stay longer if it’s needed to finish. Prices are based also on the size of the property. Prices include team + professional materials + equipment required for the job. This is guaranteed service – in case of missed areas/ unhappy customer, we will arrange re-cleaning free of charge. Congestion charge and parking fee may apply.

General – all rooms

  • Dusting throughout (light fitting and shades, light switches, lamps, skirting boards, curtain rails, pictures, mirrors, etc.)
  • Tidy loos items (fold clothing).
  • Wipe down surfaces, doors, handles, window ledges and blinds (all wooden furniture to be clear of dust/ all glass items to be cleaned with window cleaner)
  • Spot clean radiators
  • Empty bins/ Replace bin bags (clean inside and outside the bin)
  • Vacuum (all furniture to be moved and carpets to be vacuum cleaned)
  • Vacuum upholstery (cushions lifted and cleaned underneath)
  • Mop floor (all other floors to be washed using the correct type of cleaning material)
  • Drawers and shelves to be cleared of any rubbish


  • Wash all work surfaces
  • Wall tiles to be degreased, cleaned and polished
  • Wash up dirty dishes & put away/ empty (or put on) dishwasher
  • Cooking hob and knobs
  • Extractor fan
  • Wipe down oven door and handles
  • Inside and outside microwave
  • Outside fridge
  • Outside/ inside cupboards, drawers and handles
  • Wipe down toaster, kettle and other large appliances
  • Sink and taps
  • Washing machine inside out (+ clean rubber at the door, clean soap drawers and filters)
  • Dishwasher (if any)


  • Inside bath & tabs
  • Shower head & cord/
  • Shower screen/ curtain/ tray (cleaned and polished)
  • Sink & taps
  • Wipe down mirrors
  • Clean toothbrush holder & soap dish
  • Inside and outside of toilet (de-scaled, brushed clean)
  • Tidy shower bottles
  • Floors to be washed and sanitized
  • If carpet, floor to be vacuumed


  • Sheets, bed clothing will be changed
  • All furniture/ storage units will be cleaned inside and outside.
  • Carpets will be thoroughly vacuumed
What is not included?
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Clean and defrost refrigerator (removing all grime, mildew and food deposit)
  • Inside freezer
  • Window cleaning
  • Oven cleaning

Office Cleaning

What’s included?
  • Daily office visits or when needed.
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Deep Office cleaning
  • Specialized hardware cleaning
  • Move in/ out office cleaning
  • After Builders

Spring Cleaning

What’s included?

Our team (we will recommend the number of cleaners depending on the size of property) will clean as much as they can for the time they have been booked.

  • This is guaranteed service – in case of missed areas/ unhappy customer, we will arrange re-cleaning free of charge.
  • The client should prepare a list of priorities (prior the visit).
  • Please note that this is not a deep/ top to bottom cleaning.
  • Detergents & equipment is charged on top.
  • Price depends on size & condition of the property.

After builders cleaning

What’s included?
  • Remove rubbish and debris left over from building work.
  • Remove dust/ dirt/ markings left by paint or plaster from floors/carpets
  • Windows/ sills/ window frames
  • Deep cleaning of all skirting boards, doors, doors frames, fixtures, switches and sockets
  • Deep cleaning of bathroom fixtures inside and outside
  • Floor polishing

Domestic Cleaning Services

End of tenancy cleaning
  • Studio Flat – 120 pounds
  • 1 Bedroom Flat – 150 pounds
  • 2 Bedroom Flat – 200 pounds
  • +50 pounds any extra room

Weekly cleaning

minimum 3hrs – 12pounds/hour

Daily office cleaning

starting from 600 pounds/month (depending on the size)